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[[name]]: Brittany.
[[age]]: 15.
[[location]]: Safety Harbor, Florida.

[[what are your top five goals in life and why]]: Well first off I would like to get somewhere with photography. I enjoy it. I actually take photo classes. I'm not that great or anything, but after I go to college for that I want to do band photos. Second goal, I really like writing. Again I am not good. So I guess that would be a goal. I want to do a lot of different things maybe something like painting. I would also like to have a good life. I would like to think the things I do are going to lead up to something, so just working up to something would be decent. I have always wanted to be a forensic scientist. I really want to do that so that is a goal. I don't really have many goals. I just want to get somewhere.
[[suggest five random songs for me to listen to]]: Atreyu- Tulips are better, Atreyu- This Flesh a Tomb, Atreyu- Demonology and Heartache, From Autumn to Ashes- Short Stories with Tragic Endings, and of course The Bled- Porcelain hearts and Hammers for Teeth.
[[what's an average day like for you]]: I wake up. I go to the bathroom. I usually fall back asleep, I play The Sims, I go to my friends house, and do something that evening. If there is a show usually we are there.
[[what is one major cause you believe in and why]]: I really don't know. There isn't really a cause I believe in.
[[what's in your purse or wallet right now]]: Cell phone, camera, gum, money, and a flyer.
[[how would you describe yourself]]: I am shy, I like to do fun things even though I don't, I like to play the Sims and perfect dark. I don't have a lot of friends. I am fine with it. I would rather have four best friends than no friends at all. Also I don't  like anyone around here. Which is bad at times. I guess I just get annoyed easily and come off as a bitch but half of these kids don't even know me, oh well I won't judge. I am fun I guess. I am really loud and hyper around my friends. Seriously, dance parties in the Honda Element to Brass Monkey on fourth of July in traffic is what I am about. Atreyu is my favorite band. Don't hate. Also I like the Bled a lot. I like Taco Bell. Who doesn't? My favorite color is black and I really want to be a band photographer. Also, I like Communication Technology. It's fun, screen printing is a real treat. Usually every thing I print is Atreyu. Well, Fata and Modest Mouse once. I drink Mountain Dew a lot. I try not to hate people but it's really hard when they are bitches. Okay seriously I am boring.
[[what is the last very bad thing you did and was it worth it]]: Eh, the last very bad thing I did was like a year ago. It was extremely stupid and I have no idea why I did it. Pills are lame. It was not worth it.
[[what would you do for a million bucks]]: Something crazy, haha I don't know.
[[what's the next book you are going to read]]: Hmm, I don't know right now I am reading Stephen King's, Everythings Eventual
[[what's your favorite website]]: I'm lame I know.
[[what's your sexual orientation and do you have a significant other]]: I'm straight and no.
[[what makes you a sex b0mb and why should we vote yes]]: Hmm, I really don't know what makes me a sex b0mb I wanted to try out for a decent community since every community on here is lame or controlled by a bunch of assholes.


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