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[[name]]: Brittany.
[[age]]: 15.
[[location]]: Safety Harbor, Florida.

[[what are your top five goals in life and why]]: Well first off I would like to get somewhere with photography. I enjoy it. I actually take photo classes. I'm not that great or anything, but after I go to college for that I want to do band photos. Second goal, I really like writing. Again I am not good. So I guess that would be a goal. I want to do a lot of different things maybe something like painting. I would also like to have a good life. I would like to think the things I do are going to lead up to something, so just working up to something would be decent. I have always wanted to be a forensic scientist. I really want to do that so that is a goal. I don't really have many goals. I just want to get somewhere.
[[suggest five random songs for me to listen to]]: Atreyu- Tulips are better, Atreyu- This Flesh a Tomb, Atreyu- Demonology and Heartache, From Autumn to Ashes- Short Stories with Tragic Endings, and of course The Bled- Porcelain hearts and Hammers for Teeth.
[[what's an average day like for you]]: I wake up. I go to the bathroom. I usually fall back asleep, I play The Sims, I go to my friends house, and do something that evening. If there is a show usually we are there.
[[what is one major cause you believe in and why]]: I really don't know. There isn't really a cause I believe in.
[[what's in your purse or wallet right now]]: Cell phone, camera, gum, money, and a flyer.
[[how would you describe yourself]]: I am shy, I like to do fun things even though I don't, I like to play the Sims and perfect dark. I don't have a lot of friends. I am fine with it. I would rather have four best friends than no friends at all. Also I don't  like anyone around here. Which is bad at times. I guess I just get annoyed easily and come off as a bitch but half of these kids don't even know me, oh well I won't judge. I am fun I guess. I am really loud and hyper around my friends. Seriously, dance parties in the Honda Element to Brass Monkey on fourth of July in traffic is what I am about. Atreyu is my favorite band. Don't hate. Also I like the Bled a lot. I like Taco Bell. Who doesn't? My favorite color is black and I really want to be a band photographer. Also, I like Communication Technology. It's fun, screen printing is a real treat. Usually every thing I print is Atreyu. Well, Fata and Modest Mouse once. I drink Mountain Dew a lot. I try not to hate people but it's really hard when they are bitches. Okay seriously I am boring.
[[what is the last very bad thing you did and was it worth it]]: Eh, the last very bad thing I did was like a year ago. It was extremely stupid and I have no idea why I did it. Pills are lame. It was not worth it.
[[what would you do for a million bucks]]: Something crazy, haha I don't know.
[[what's the next book you are going to read]]: Hmm, I don't know right now I am reading Stephen King's, Everythings Eventual
[[what's your favorite website]]: I'm lame I know.
[[what's your sexual orientation and do you have a significant other]]: I'm straight and no.
[[what makes you a sex b0mb and why should we vote yes]]: Hmm, I really don't know what makes me a sex b0mb I wanted to try out for a decent community since every community on here is lame or controlled by a bunch of assholes.


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I found your response for the "major cause" question a little disappointing, but other than that I must say yes to you. :B
Your one major cause answer was a big disappointment.

But, we have a ton in common... so I'm gonna say yes.
Don't get me wrong here because I think you're really pretty and stuff but I just can't believe there isn't -something- you don't believe in. I know I'm being pedantic but unless you're viewing the world through rose tinted glasses, then I can't see how that's possible.

Sorry but it's a no.
-you dont believe in one major cause?
+you're cute

Everyone should have some cause they believe in and support. Even if it's something small. And alot of your answers were answered with "I don't know." Sorry, No
I like your pictures (especially the 2nd one from the top, and the last two) but your questions...
"i don't know" is alot of your answers.
not knowing why you should be admitted isn't the best answer. (for the why are you a sex b0mb answer)

Find a cause you can believe in and go with it. Hell, most people can get behind human rights or rights for those with mental illness or even animal rights.

That and "I don't know" gets really boring to read after a while.
from what I can see youre pretty. You like The Bled(i love the bled,theyre from my hometown) and Atreyu..and your favorite website is my favorite website. Im a myspace junkie.

Vote and Promote :)