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Mod Post

New Mod; The person that I chose to help me as a mod is _xbondagedollx_. Feel free to add your contact info to the mod section on the info page. I'll try to be around as much as possible so you won't be stuck with all the work, but it may be hard for awhile because I am in the process of trying to move and such because my current living situation sucks.

Accepted Members; We have 19 accepted members, however most apps are only getting a few votes. If I don't see some members start being active soon, I'll have to remove you. You can't be much of a rating community if you don't vote. :)

New Applications; If I were to have some sort of referral contest (since the apps have slowed down), what do you think you would like as a prize?

Themes; I'd like to start themes, what are some ideas you all have?

Promoting Other Communitues; It's totally fine, but if you're using a VERY large banner to promote, please put the actual banner under an LJ cut.
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